At the age of 19, Jessy gestated the idea of Seva Food Truck with help from his father. With firm conviction that his community would believe in the program as ardently as he does, Jessy took the first steps towards bringing the idea to fruition, with the belief that the initiative belongs to whichever heart it inspires.

With his administrative and managerial experience, Jessy simply works to ensure that the cause for his inspiration is effectively applied so as to inspire those to whom it reaches. Jessy commits his time to Seva Food Truck, his family’s business, and a fitness startup with his friends.

Meet Rick. Early 2015 is when he began supporting and volunteering with Seva Food Truck. His undying passion from his childhood to perform seva and give back to his community coupled with the ideology of Seva Food Truck is what made this an ideal fit.

He reminds us that we as humans, will rarely remember what one said or what one did, but will always remember how that one person made us feel.
Rick carries his passion into his profession by managing his Web Development, Project Management and IT Services company. Any spare moment he has is spent lovingly with his son.

Meet Sheena.
Her mantra is best summed up in the words of Maya Angelou.
“My mission in life is not
merely to strive,
But to thrive and to do so,
With some passion,
Some compassion,
Some humour and some style.”

With a fast paced and demanding career in finance and a new bundle of joy she ensures to give back by doing planning and prep for programs, activities and meals for the community Seva Food Truck supports as well as networking for sponsorships, donations and volunteers. Her personal time is filled with creating memories with family & friends.

Sawan (pronounced Saw-vin)  joined SFT in the summer of 2015 where he started as a sponsorship coordinator for his family’s business, Pizza 38.  As he volunteered for various events and came to know the team, he saw a group of individuals trying to cultivate positivity in the world and was inspired. Today he volunteers as a Director for the organization and he is constantly thinking of program ideas that will amplify the impact that the SFT team can create.

Currently, Sawan spends the majority of his time working as a technology consultant and helps run his family’s businesses. During his spare time he enjoys participating in a variety of sports and the occasional Netflix binge.

Sabby began her journey September 2016 with Seva Food Truck after she had encountered a Leadership course at NAIT . This course required her to give back to the community and write a report about the leadership skills adapted from the experience and what she had learned about herself. Seeing what Seva Food Truck has done for many students and the way it has shaped the lives of some students, Sabby had continued to volunteer with Seva Food Truck after her course completion. She then took up the Human Resources Administrator role, which further develops her career in Human Resources and has helped open up many opportunities for her in this career path.
Khushwant is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Seva Food Truck (SFT) Edmonton. Khushwant grew interest in SFT when he sat in on an organizational meeting during the projects inception. He was inspired at what SFT was providing for Edmontonian’s, and he wanted to be a part of the project. Khushwant is passionate about Seva, sports, and Sikhi. His favourite part of SFT is hanging out and talking with the kids. Khushwant currently works with the Sikh Research Institute as their Program Manager. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Grant MacEwan University and previously worked in Management. He previously served on the executive team for the Sikh Students’ Society at the University of Alberta. Khushwant has also volunteered for various organizations locally and online. As Khushwant continues on his journey in Sikhi and life, he is excited to be a part of SFT and help share the love.
Gagan Kaur is a Human Resources professional who completed her post secondary education at the University of Alberta. She was born and raised in Edmonton and is motivated to help support the Edmonton community, people, and aid in providing services/programs that add value to those who need support. Seva is a central motivating factor for Gagan. Seva for her is to serving humanity – to serve those who do not necessarily receive the same basic rights or privileges as others. Gagan has participated in several Seva initiatives, including being an executive member of the UofA Sikh Students’ Society, advocating for diverse/minority language courses to be offered at local educational institutions, youth volunteer co-ordinator for community events, development of educational resources, and the coordination of community seminars. By supporting initiatives like Seva Food Truck, Gagan aims to increase individual growth and community engagement through education, youth mentorship & leadership programs, and collaborative and holistic community development initiatives.